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Prince Harry Pays a Special Visit to Child Siblings Battling Same Terminal Illness

Prince Harry Pays a Special Visit to Child Siblings Battling Same Terminal IllnessIt's no wonder people love Prince Harry. The prince recently reunited with Ollie Carroll, a six-year-old terminally ill child he met last year, and spent time in a hospital with both...2 months ago via E!Online

Blake team up with PledgeMusic for new album funding

Logo music-newsVocal harmony group Blake - Humphrey Berney, Ollie Baines, Jules Knight and Stephen Bowman - have announced that their new album ‘Start Over’ will be part-funded through PledgeMusic.5 years ago via music-news
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How To: Ollie

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The first video in my "how to" series. This may not be the most in depth how to video around but, it is meant to supplement the thousands of other how to ollie videos online. Like I said, this is just a cursory look at how to ollie but, let me know if I missed anything major. Like I said in the video, if you need more help or help with another trick and would like a personalized Skateraid video, just comment and let me know and I will get on it a.s.a.p. Thank you for watching! Tags: Poway, Skateboarding, Skateboard, Skate, Skater, Sk8, Skating, Vilas Left, Kickflip, Heelflip, Trick, Tricks, Ipath, Atm Click, Ollie, Nollie, Fakie, Switch, How To, Flip, Bail, Manual, Nose, Tail, Dolphin Flip, Forward Flip, Alpha Flip
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  • How To Ollie Better PART 2

    How To Ollie Better PART 2Thought I'd expound on the ollie a little more. I'm sorry about the quality (choppiness) of the slow motion clips. GoPro's trade up program seems to have lost my camera so I'm still stuck without a camera capable of good slomo. :( Anyway, hopefully that will get sorted out. In the meantime, I hope ..1 month ago via Youtube

    WHY CAN'T YOU OLLIE?In this video Aaron Kyro works to teach you why you can't ollie and how you can fix it. We really hope this video helps and look forward to hearing your feedback so we can make you more and more and better tutorials! For more How To Skateboard videos check out the playlist here: months ago via Youtube
  • How To Ollie Higher And Better

    How To Ollie Higher And BetterQuick Tips Ep. 4: Fixing Common Ollie Problems a.k.a. How To Ollie Higher and Better (I recorded this in February but right before I released it a few channels uploaded how to ollie higher videos so I decided to wait a little.) Quick Tips isn't a how to series. It is meant to address specific issu..1 year ago via Youtube
  • How To: Kickflip

    How To: Kickflip"How To" video number 2: The kickflip! Hey! So, I hope this video helps someone, even if it's just something little. I basically just tried to break down how I do my kickflips. Like I said in the video, if you need more help or help with another trick and would like a personalized Skateraid video,..3 years ago via Youtube
  • How to ollie with Tony Hawk

    How to ollie with Tony HawkLife is nothing but a pile of regrets, until one day Tony Hawk teaches you how to ollie and it’s great.3 months ago via Youtube
  • Biggest Ollies Ever!

    Biggest Ollies Ever!Compilation of massive ollies, part 2 coming out soon. Song: Frank Black - Los Angeles Skaters 1. Tony Willie x1 2. Jaws x11 3. Andrew Brophy x2 4. Don Nguyen x8 5. Ryan Sheckler x2 6. Geoff Rowley x1 7. Youness Amrani x2 8. Cyril Jackson x1 9. Milton Martinez x1 10. Brandon Bonner x1 11. Pedro Ba..4 years ago via Youtube
  • Skate Hacks: How to Ollie Higher

    Skate Hacks: How to Ollie HigherToday's vid is a few tips on how to ollie higher to clear trash cans, handrails etc. SUBSCRIBE TO MY SKATE HACKS CHANNEL HERE: Instagram: @plantrider Facebook: months ago via Youtube
  • The "Ollie" Explained - Self Destruct "SKATE baSICKs" DVD

    The "Ollie" Explained - Self Destruct "SKATE baSICKs" DVDConnect with us! In this segment from the "SKATE baSICKs" DVD, Members of Team Self Destruct give you step-by-step instructions on how pull off a textbook "Ollie"! The "SKATE baSICKs" DVD teaches you: The baSICKs: How to stand, push, stop, turn, and pivot ..6 years ago via Youtube
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