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Robert Pattinson in a "Cheerful Mood" While at the Australians in Film Awards Gala

Robert Pattinson in a "Cheerful Mood" While at the Australians in Film Awards GalaRobert Pattinson seems to be in a very chipper mood lately. After sporting a giant smile while hitting a local screening of the new documentary film Seduced and Abandoned at the Clarity...4 years ago via E!Online

Selena Gomez and Mother Take Their Dogs to the Vet

Logo E!OnlineSomeone's not looking too chipper. Selena Gomez and her mother, who were matching in gray sweats and white long-sleeved shirts, were spotted leaving an Encino, Calif.,...5 years ago via E!Online

Bachelor Pad Recap: Bed-Hopping, Partner-Swapping and an Elimination Shocker!

Logo E!OnlineIntroducing Chris Harrison, census taker of doom. As the Bachelor Pad roomies either celebrated or squirmed following Reid and Donna's ouster, the ever chipper host returned to the...5 years ago via E!Online

Pippa Middleton Steps Out for First Time Since Gungate Incident

Logo E!OnlineWhere's that grin, Pippa Middleton? The Duchess of Cambridge's sister didn't seem to be in a chipper mood when she was spotted in Central London going to the Rosano Ferreti...5 years ago via E!Online
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The chipper had a chuck of wood get clogged!! The Morbark chipper needed a little help from the husky due to a chunk of wood that stopped the debris conveyor. Hope y'all enjoy! Sorry it took so long for this video.....I have been and Lacey has been trying to upload it all day!
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    MORBARK IS HERE!!!!!The show is on!! Morbark demo days is on live at our job!! Spent the morning prepping the chipper making sure it was in tip top shape before they all got here. The show went great and talking to everyone was the greatest part! Met some really good guys!! The Morbark Chipper ran like a champ!! I hope..8 months ago via Youtube

    CHIPPER JAWS BROKE!!The chipper jaws are broke!! While I was walking around looking at the feed wheels I noticed this! I explain a little bit that I do read through the comments. This old chipper might just do me in!!! Even though the feed wheel is broke in the Chipper, it didn't stop us from producing some wood produc..3 months ago via Youtube

    I GOT THE NEW CHIPPER BACK!!!!!I got the new Chipper back! We moved to the other where the New Morbark 2755 flail chipper is! Should be an interesting job! We have both the cat 535 D Skidders here and they are already pulling wood!! Chips are flying, trucks are rollin, just another day in the woods. hope y'all enjoy!!3 months ago via Youtube

    KNIVES ARE JACKED!!!!The chipper knives are totally jacked!! The Morbark model 23 flail chiparvestor had some knives that needed changed!! I also got the boys working on the Timberjack 660D skidder, while I was on the phone with the boss!! Trucks were lined up so I had to change them fast!! The puma air compressor is un..3 months ago via Youtube
  • HE IS MAD!!!!!!!!

    HE IS MAD!!!!!!!!Finally snuck and got a little video of Adam cutting down a couple trees.....he wasn't impressed with my work! Had to cut some trees down around the landing so he just carried them over by the chipper for us. Luckily he spared my life and didn't run me over!! Haha kinda short video but I hope you en..8 months ago via Youtube

    CAT SKIDDER SERVICE!!!Time to service the new Cat Skidder! We had a few minutes and decided to service the new Cat 535D Skidder! Josh drained the oil, I changed both fuel filters, I a added the new oil, and josh changed the oil filter! Oh and I changed the air filters!! The Skidder even got a grease job when we were all ..1 day ago via Youtube

    DO NOT TOUCH THE SAW!!!!Please don't touch the saw!! haha I had to touch it though!! lol This video kinda has it all going on, some about this job, some about a funny comment, and I even talk a little about the SUPERBOWL!!! This landing was kinda small so setting up the chipper and slasher was a little difficult. Then when..4 months ago via Youtube

    CUSTOM BUILT CHIP VAN!!!We are having a new chip van built. A 53 ft chip box with 7 axles!! 3 down axles and 4 lift axles!! Dave Moore of Moore's Trailer explains just how this beauty is built!! Sorry for lighting it was a little dark. The bumper on this thing is bad! LED lights all the way around! This chip van looks awes..3 months ago via Youtube
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