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Kim Kardashian Is No Longer a Blonde and Oh, Who Can Keep Up With Her Hairstyles?

Kim Kardashian Is No Longer a Blonde and Oh, Who Can Keep Up With Her Hairstyles?And we thought Kylie Jenner was the hair chameleon in the family. Kim Kardashian was spotted out with husband Kanye West in Los Angeles Saturday. Kim sported her trademark long dark brown...7 days ago via E!Online

Why Kendall Jenner Wasn't at Kanye West's Yeezy Season 5 Show

Why Kendall Jenner Wasn't at Kanye West's Yeezy Season 5 ShowWhen duty calls... Kendall Jenner did not attend brother-in-law Kanye West's Yeezy Season 5 collection debut on Wednesday afternoon, but not because she wasn't interested in the...2 weeks ago via E!Online

Yeezy Season 5 Reviews Are in: Why Critics Are Praising Kanye West's Latest Collection

Yeezy Season 5 Reviews Are in: Why Critics Are Praising Kanye West's Latest CollectionIt's New York Fashion Week, and the living's Yeezy. Hours ago, Kanye West unveiled Yeezy Season Five, his fifth design collaboration with Adidas that (according to critics) is...2 weeks ago via E!Online

Kanye West suffered memory loss due to health issues

Kanye West suffered memory loss due to health issuesKanye West producer Malik Yusef has visited with Kanye and his family as the rapper works on his recovery.2 weeks ago via music-news

Here's Why Taylor Swift, Drake, Kanye West and More Stars Were Missing at the 2017 Grammy Awards

Here's Why Taylor Swift, Drake, Kanye West and More Stars Were Missing at the 2017 Grammy AwardsWhile the 2017 Grammy Awards definitely made history with some of music's biggest names--like Beyoncé, Adele, Lady Gaga and so on--there's no denying a few famous faces were...2 weeks ago via E!Online

Mary J Blige: Kanye, I love him because he’s always been honest

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Mary J Blige: Kanye, I love him because he’s always been honest Tonight on Beats 1, Julie speaks exclusively to Mary J Blige to talk about her meeting with Hillary Clinton, her ambitions for The 411, and collaborations on her new album.

Here are some of the main quotes from the interview.

On touring
“Well very well, my fans are happy, people are loving the show, it’s nice to be on the road with a nice person, Maxwell is a nice person, nice guy and most of all, my fans are just happy, that makes me happy.”

On her connection to her fans
“I think we’ve connected, but there has been a disconnect and I don’t know, I think because of my life and whatever I was living and dealing with and whatever I had to release and let go and really come to terms and be real with and end up here in this horrible situation that I’m in right now. But the disconnect came because of you know, just me trying to figure life out yeah.”

On the transition from radio to doing The 411 Show on Apple Music
“The idea came from Jimmy Irvine and, they really see me as this talk show host. After seeing me speak to people and the way I relate to people and they just always seem to open up, I guess they felt like it was a good idea to see me as - not like an Oprah ‘cos nobody’s Oprah and I don’t wanna be Oprah, she’s Oprah - but just you know the way I connect to people is something that people you know, they think it’s something that people wanted to see, and I believe I can do.”

On the 411 Show with Hilary Clinton on Apple Music
“Well my first meeting with Hilary wasn’t at the interview it was at the DNC is where I met her, it’s where I actually started to really love her because she seems genuine, very genuine, very down to earth and very concerned about me, she said, ‘how are you?’, I believed her. ‘How are you feeling?, How are you doing?’ the way she looked in my eyes when I really needed someone to care about me at that moment. And that just really like got to my heart so I really wanted people to see that person, so that’s why I wanted to do the interview with her, because I wanted people to see - ‘cos she gets a bad rap, ‘You know she’s not this and she’s not that’ - I said okay well they need to see that she’s a beautiful human behind the politician and that’s what I wanted to translate and I think I did that with her.”

On future guests after Hilary
“Whoever is apart of our culture and what’s going on, because the show was not just about the latest fashion or the latest this, it’s about, like Hilary Clinton was important because she’s what’s going on in our culture right now. The mothers of the movement in the United States is something major right now, people wanna hear from them. Sports, Serena Williams is a strong woman, you know people wanna hear from her and they wanna hear her side of not being so tough and how hard it is you know. I would love to get Kanye, and I would love to get him just so people can hear what he’s dealing with you know, if I could get him you know what I mean….
I would love to get Jay, I would love to get all my friends that have grown up with me, and are moguls, and they have so many stories and people think ‘they have this and they have that’ but they don’t know the stories and the trials and the struggles and the things that it took to get, to be you know so successful.”

On releasing new music to fans
“I feel like really good, because I feel like something has lifted off of my emotions and I they can speak freely again, from like deep down and say things that someone else can’t say, that I can say, that you know, that’s my truth. I just feel good about that part of the journey and to just be able to perform and to feel like I have wings as I’m performing. I feel like I have wings, I mean, this is hard, this divorce is hard, there’s a bunch of stuff that’s hard, but the beautiful part about it is that I feel like I have disconnected from a weight and I’m like, there’s a part of me that feels uplifted”

On the method of releasing the new music and album
“I just want to make sure the album is right. I just want people, the fans, to be happy and I wanna take this opportunity to make them happy like when they received the ‘My Life’ album, like when they received the ‘411’ album, like when they received the ‘Share My World’ album, and I wanna be happy when I listen back to it, because when I listen to the ‘My Life’ album, I cry, I listen to the full thing, when I listen to the ‘411’ album I cry.”

On getting everything out on this album ‘Strength Of A Woman’
“There’s a couple things that I feel I still need to say. But for the most part, the strength of a woman part, I got probably most of that out, ‘cos I was writing from… I had to be strong to write to even write from the perspective of a woman trying to save her marriage.”

On collaborators for the album ‘Strength Of A Woman’
“Kanye, I love him because he’s always been honest. It has always been a dream of mine to work with him, because of how he affected me. I can remember the first Kanye concert I ever went too, I walked outta there feeling like I was at a revival, I felt like my life was gonna change, he blew everybody away with how he delivered his emotion. I think his mom had just passed. So all of his music is something that means something to me so I wanted to work with him. As far as like the DJ campers, producers on the album I picked him because of what he selects, I grew up on Stevie Wonder, he would select the colours that Stevie Wonder, but he’ll go to like a hardcore beat that those beautiful keys are playing on and then mix in some jazz with it and it’s like ‘woah what how where’d you get this from’ but it’s all so beautiful. So I like the beauty, but I love the hip hop and the soul. I am the Queen of hip hop soul, let’s just say that, I am, I own it. So I wanted it to be that. Not just ‘what is she doing?’ this is what it is.”

On a message to give to fans before the album is released
“I don’t have to give them anything, they’re looking at it. They’re looking at all the information they need.”
3 months ago via music-news
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